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At Recruitin AM Consultancy, we deliver top talent for Middle Eastern industries. Our rigorous screening ensures you get the best professionals, from construction to technical roles, to drive your business forward.

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Choosing Recruitin AM Consultancy means partnering with an agency dedicated to providing the best skilled workers in the Middle East. Our thorough vetting process ensures that each candidate is highly qualified and reliable. 

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Our Job Categories

At Recruitin AM Consultancy, we connect skilled workforce with top employers in various industries across the Middle East.

Construction Workers

From builders and carpenters to electricians and plumbers, our construction workers are skilled in various trades essential for any project.


Our technicians includes MEP, HVAC, welders, machinists, and other technicians ensuring operational excellence and technical proficiency.

Riders & Drivers

Positions for delivery riders, taxi drivers, truck drivers, and other transportation professionals ensuring efficient logistics and timely deliveries.

Operational Staff

From warehouse operators to logistics coordinators, our operational staff ensures that your supply chain and business operations run smoothly.

Lanscape Workers

Our landscape workers are experienced in garden maintenance, landscaping, and outdoor beautification, helping to create and maintain attractive and functional outdoor spaces.

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